Dan Watkins


Dan Watkins has been a loyal and active member of the PAFOC for many years. Dan sits as the President of the association and aids in developing the direction of the association on a daily and monthly basis. 




Barry Karasiewicz



Barry Karasiewicz is an active member of the PAFOC. Barry was elected to the role of Secretary within the association.



Council Nedd


Council Nedd is an active state constable, an ordained bishop, and a leader in the communities that he serves. The PAFOC is grateful to have such a member of the community and constabulary as a part of the association.



Ian Castaneira, david kneller, Antione Malloy, and ron quinn


Ian Castaneira has been a very active member of the association. In his time Ian Castaneira has served a multitude of roles and continues to bring loyalty, dedication, and fidelty to the association.

Antione Malloy has been with the PAFOC for several years.

In being a member of the PAFOC, Antione has helped the association by serving as a Regional Director for many years.

Ron Quinn is an active member of the association. Ron focuses his skills on aiding the association to balance its budget and maintain its  financial strength.

David Kneller has been an active member of the association for several years. David continually serves the association and constables faithfully across the state.


Ronald Clever


Ronald Clever became a constable in 1998 and is also an active attorney in Pennsylvania. This gives him a distinct advantage as a Solicitor in the world of Pennsylvaniaconstables. Ronald Clever continues to serve the PAFOC dutifully.


Dennis Huber


Dennis Huber is an active member of the constabulary and the PAFOC. Dennis works to better the PAFOC and constables whenever it can be achieved.



Roger Metzgar

Past President

Roger Metzgar has served faithfully the PAFOC for many years. In his time he has served most recently as President which has earned him the current position of Past President.





Corey McIntyre

Social Media coordinator — webmaster

Corey McIntyre is a newer constable with a handful of years in the constabulary and a handful with the PAFOC. Corey does not serve directly on the board but serves as a social media manager and webmaster for the association. Should you have recommendations reach out accordingly.