Helping Constables build a better COmmonwealth and Constabulary

Remember your OAth of Office

The mission of the Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Constables shall be to promote and protect the office of the Constable within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and provide quality training and educational opportunities to Constables and their Deputies, while making best efforts for the Constable to become actively involved in civic and community organizations and activities in educating the public and to otherwise promote suppressing crime with community policing.

Professional Services

Members of the PAFOC take great pride in being among the most active constables in the state. Many of the PAFOC constables seek additional training through the PAFOC, regional associations, and that of other LEO programs offered.

From Old times to Modern

Pennsylvania State Constables are the first form of law enforcement in the country. This is something the PAFOC takes great pride in knowing and using to developing for future progress. The PAFOC meets with members of the legislature consistently to work toward progress.

Consistent Progress

Where do most constable associations stand? Do many of the associations across the state all fight for progress? Do other associations seek advancement and modernization? The PAFOC has been a leader and continues to lead with legislation progress. We take pride in working with Senators and Representatives for the better of the Commonwealth.