The Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Constables (PAFOC) was created to offer a means to associate with forward-looking, like-minded constables. 
The founding principle of the PAFOC is to build and grow a fraternal organization that meets the professional needs of Pennsylvania’s constables and to support the traditional authority of their office.  The PAFOC is one of the largest constables’ organization in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.



COnstable Values – Supported by the PAFOC

Keeping With the TImes

The PAFOC is one of the three state considered constable associations and that of the 2nd oldest in the state. Being considered a state association we focus on keeping up to date with laws, technology, and ways to advance the constabulary. The PAFOC is constantly seen having meeting with the State, Tech Companies, and the communities we serve proudly.


With the spirit of self-determination, the PAFOC is at the forefront in efforts to protect the Office of Constable and to create and support laws that will increase the professionalism of Pennsylvania’s constables, improve our training programs, and increase the Constables’ opportunities to do their jobs with efficiency.  The Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Constables is also determined to improve the office from the ground up, through increased oversight of its members and through training opportunities that both supplement and go beyond those offered by the Commonwealth.

Legacy of COnstables

The Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Constables is a fraternal brotherhood/sisterhood of individuals with an interest in improving the Office of Constable while at the same time enjoying the benefits of associating with one of Pennsylvania’s largest and fastest growing organization of constables.  Whether you’re inclined to lead, follow, or support from the sidelines, you can help the Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Constables fulfill its mission of improving and protecting your role as a peace officer and a supporting arm of the Pennsylvania judicial system.  In return, you will receive representation in Harrisburg, benefits that will increase your professionalism and quality of life, and the hand of fraternity from your brothers and sisters across the Commonwealth.